A question of structure

The documentary has to evoke empathy, emotion and bring across an epiphany.

It should catapult the audience into another world


  • Sets the audience up for what is to occur in the rest of the film
  • Sets the tone or mood of the film
  • Hints of the surprises in store (visual or content)
  • Challenges prejudices
  • Creates an audio visual hook
  • Establishes a core assertion of the film (the burning issue)
  • Creates interest and curiosity
  • Show change or promise of change
  • The element of consequence, of cause and effect and chain of events


  • Leading to meandering series of events that lack focus
  • Represents the chain of logic designed to prove its core assertion
  • Show progress in the story, each scene unfolding to the next guiding the viewer
    towards the intended direction


  • A resolution to the conflict or crisis
  • An invitation to start a discussion



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