Working Hypothesis

  1. I believe that in life you have to put in some sacrifice in order to achieve what you want. While some sacrifices don’t seem to be proportional to the gains reaped, those who are putting in the effort always feel a sense of satisfaction.
  2. My film will show this in action by exploring Malaysians who commute daily during across the Woodlands causeway to Singapore for work or education.
  3. My central subjects will be a few Malaysians from different walks of lives who have chosen to make Singapore their place of employment or education.
  4. They are trying to accomplish is to get a better salary/prospects in hopes of a better life while maintaining a lower cost of living in Malaysia.
  5. The film’s main conflict is the obstacles that congested and tedious commute on the causeway that has almost become a ritual for them and face discrimination.
  6. xx
  7. I expect my film’s structure will be determined by the ethnographic research of what the daily commute is like for these Malaysians.
  8. xx
  9. The theme of my film explores are choice and sacrifice
  10. xx
  11. xx
  12. Possible resolutions more options for travel, streamlined system at woodlands checkpoint.
  13. Ultimately I want the audience to feel a sense of admiration and respect for these cross border commuters
  14. and to understand that they are not invisible.


Despite long hours of commuteThey put in a lot of sacrifice and struggle to commute daily to seek better prospects in Singapore.


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